Hello and thank you for visiting my site and my first ever blog post on said site. Very exciting times for me.

I decided to create a website to further my online presence as an actor, voiceover artist, human, television and film enthusiast, creative... I have a web presence on certain casting sites such as Spotlight and Casting Call Pro and I use Twitter but have never done much blogging or run a website so this all new... Therefore, please bear with!

I will use this space to write about things I have been up to, things I have seen and might like to review or comment on, what I am watching at the moment (usually lots of things..), among other things I'm sure!

So, I'm currently working on my website, have just completed my showreel and got new headshots (see front page!). I am working towards another voicereel to portray some character voices and accents as I love working behind the microphone in my little home set-up! So keep a lookout for that on my voice page!

Thanks for coming and joining me in the interweb world! See you soon...