I currently have the pleasure of working for The Natural Theatre Company based in Bath. Last week we were involved with performing at the Homes For Britain rally in Central Hall, Westminster and I must say I had the greatest time!

We did three very different pieces, which is a brilliant way to spend the day. We performed as the Paparazzi first as all the attendees arrived, followed by doing a satirical protest as The British League of Pessimists and finally performing as the Chromatics who portrayed a colour for each party (Conservative, Labour, LibDem, Green, UKIP) and called for the parties to commit to ending the housing crisis in a generation. 

We had to do some quick changes and paint ourselves for the Chromatics but it was a joy because we had a captive audience for the day. Often when doing street theatre the audience are just passing by and they catch a moment of the performance but don't necessarily have a chance to take it in but this was a rare opportunity to be provocative and make a point over the course of the day. Those in attendance seemed excited about seeing us and found it entertaining and were also generally invested in the matter at hand, given that they were attending the rally! It was great fun and we even made the 6 o'clock news for all of about 3 seconds!

I loved being part of a big team (there were 5 of us, that's big these days!) and working with some of the old hands in the company and learning how they each work differently, watching them perform and taking in advice and suggestions from them all. It's such a unique opportunity for me to work within such a well-known and established company with some incredible actors and for it to be an ongoing opportunity - the more I work with them, the more I learn and as I grow in my performance and as a person, I am learning from some great people. What an absolute pleasure!