What's On

So, I'm a big TV fan.. like, TV series. Not just couch potato TV time. In fact, we don't even have a TV so it's all watched out of specific choice!

I have been watching many things and recently finished The Good Wife. I watched it all through series 1 - 6 in probably much too short a time than can be admitted as it was addictive, amazing telly! I love Julianna Margulies and have even more love for Archie Panjabi. Well, her character, Kalinda at least! The show got better and better as it went on but there was some weirdness towards the end where it became a bit scrappy. I have heard that the finale scene (spoiler alert) with Alicia and Kalinda in the bar was done on split screen and they weren't actually together when they filmed it. I knew there was something weird about it when I watched it! I said to myself at the time, it felt like Kalinda was a figment of Alicia's imagination - like it was a dream sequence and it never really happened because there was no spark between them. Well, maybe it never did happen and the lack of chemistry is due to the fact they were playing against body doubles! Why would they do this? Do Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi not like each other? Is that why they didn't have them in scenes together for series after series, all their conversation was via phonecall and brief passings here and there, since series 3! What happened? Surely the whole Good Wife fanbase is curious about this?

Also, I started watching House (I know, only a million years too late!) a couple of days ago and have enjoyed the similar format of ongoing storyline intertwined with a different case each episode. I love hospital dramas! Hugh Laurie is great but it's a shame his character is so unlikeable, I wonder if that continues! A world of joy still awaits me as I have an 8 season stretch ahead of me with that one!

Arrested Development is another one I am very late to the party in starting but have enjoyed it as a downtime background series. As sitcoms go, it's not the greatest for me. The elements don't all come together so easily as something like Modern Family or Friends. I'm only on season 1 so I don't know how it will unfold but it's possible that I don't find it as funny as I don't relate to the family as easily as characters from other favourite sitcoms!

What else? Well, hubby and I have been enjoying old Sherlock episodes (are you seeing from this that Netflix is providing a backlog of all the things we ever missed!). We finished the first series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who are both AMAZING. I love their relationship, and Cumberbatch is just brilliant at the dry humour and being a bit of a snob! They are the perfect pair for this production - excellent casting.

Girls series 4 was a quick watch for me as well! I find that very easy to watch. I thought it was interesting how they managed taking Hannah away and bringing her back. It didn't feel too different to when she was still in New York (maybe she wasnt away for long enough). Sometimes when shows do that it just feels awkward and like the whole scenario and precedent to the show is on hold for some weird tangent of a storyline but I suppose it worked in this instance as we are on the journey with Hannah specifically (whereas in Friends, for example. when they change the circumstance of one, it upsets the whole group dynamic too much). The whole precedent of Girls is about her search for what she should do with her life and it makes sense, then, for her to go off to another state and try a whole new path and realise it was the wrong choice, and for us to follow her on that journey. I think it was well written that it went on for long enough that we got the whole process of her meeting new people, going from loving the idea of something new and moving forward and then the comedown of it not being all you expect and missing home. There was enough time for us to get to know the new characters (just about, although I think there were too many of them to get to know in her writing class) and go on the whole journey with her.

New series of Episodes is out as well! Great stuff. I did think it was all getting a bit too farfetched and the series was almost over before it began, for me. All the Pucks nonsense was carried on for no good reason, other than to bring them back to the US (but once they were there and had a new series deal coming up, did they have to carry on with Pucks!?). I found it all a bit frustrating and nothing really felt resolved but maybe that's all going to be made better in the next series (will there be one?).. I can't see it being any better with the crazy addition of the third writer jumping on the bandwagon with them! I do realise, I should point out, that a sitcom does need some drama and problem to overcome for it to work but this time it was all a bit too irritating for me - it was one thing after another going wrong and nothing really being resolved

Some great TV out there - never enough time to keep up with it all! I am ashamed to note how much of that is American vs British! AHH! What a shame. I haven't seen enough good drama coming up on iPlayer etc recently though. I completely missed Poldark (among other things I'm sure) and am already looking forward to the return of Call The Midwife...! Will it be back?