Wow, it's been a long time and for that I apologise!


This summer has been fantastic. Starting with the pleasure and excitement that was Glastonbury Festival, I suppose it was destined to be an amazing summer! We had a lovely team of 4 women and performed 'Coneheads', 'National No Smiling Day Protest', 'Nudes' and 'Lost Brides'. I have to say I enjoyed all of the performances immensely and they seemed to be very well received. 'Lost Brides' is a personal new favourite of mine as I spent the entire time launching myself at various passers-by, treating them as family and guests at my wedding which was no longer happening 'You've come all this way and he hasn't even shown up' with one of the snottiest teariest faces I could muster. It was very silly and I love how many people join in and play the game - 'Pull yourself together' being one of my favourite quotes from an onlooker. Not to mention the singular piece of toilet roll I was given (it's precious stuff at these festivals!)


Larmer Tree was a similarly joyful occasion, a team of 3 women this time and some new performance pieces for me - 'Flowerpot Heads' and 'Pigeon Poo People' as well as doing 'Pinks' for the first time since I auditioned for the company! Trying new pieces does scare me a bit but once I got into it, I had a lot of fun!


I've also been working on a social media project in Calne (my little home town) for 6 days. We had a group of 6 or 7 young women, aged 13-15, and asked them to show us some things on their Facebook pages, inevitably a lot of body image 'hot mama bikini body' and success stories came up and we were led to talking about self worth over looks, fame and fortune. We challenged who was putting these articles out there and found some 'Hollywood Life' articles which is run by Bonnie Fuller (a 60 year old Canadian woman telling our young ladies how to live their lives to be deemed successful!). They got the message and we felt they were empowered to challenge the things they see on social and popular media. We ended up with helping them make a short film which looked at self worth and image within a school context. They were amazing and I hope it's something that will be funded again in the future.


I have also just had the pleasure of joining Broad Acting Management and look forward to the new prospects and opportunities the agency might hold for me. Feeling positive about the new beginnings that September holds. It is a time of new beginnings and new motivation after the stop/start nature of summer, so here's to a hopefully fantastic 2015/16!