I am the prize

Alright, sorry, calm down. There are no actual prizes up for grabs, I'm afraid. It's just the name of the latest comedy feature film I have had the pleasure of being involved with.

Isn't it great how things work out? I auditioned for a Christmas show at the end of last year and was, sadly, unsuccessful but a couple of months later I received an email inviting me to be involved with a film in Bristol, as I had been recommended by someone who had seen my audition for the Christmas show! Amazing. People can be so generous and thoughtful... You don't get enough of that these days, do you? 

Anyway, what a load of fun it was to be on set with some amazing people who are clearly all fantastic at what they do. I am so excited to see what the final footage looks like. My character has a few scenes, all with the leads, including date nights and chats in an office! It was great to be on location and also to meet more people in Bristol, doing awesome work!

So, it's already been a great start to 2016 with some fun roles and we have been on holiday to Morocco for a few days to catch a few rays and explore a new part of the world - it's a beautiful, special part of the world, too! I also have the pleasure of travelling to Venice in March to work on a three day party! Very exciting times - I love when I get to travel for work, and I've always wanted to go to Venice. 

2016 is looking pretty exciting, all round and I am on to updating my showreel this week so hoping to get that out to you as soon as possible! Of course, I anticipate it will need another update when I Am The Prize comes out! Keeps me on my toes, though.